When I was an undergraduate, a handful of great professors at Hartnell Community College and at CSU Chico inspired me to begin to imagine myself as a college professor, and to think more deeply about teaching as a contribution both to individual students and to social change. It has been my good fortune for many years to receive a salary to lecture, read and discuss with groups of bright undergraduates. The ARTICLES button on this page links to a handful of self-reflexive articles I have written over the years about classroom teaching. And the TEXT-READERS button links to two books I co-edited for undergraduate courses, and a book of original essays I co-edited for graduate level gender courses.

I also continue to benefit from working with Ph.D. students. My current students help me to keep up with new ideas and approaches. And my past students inspire me with their commitments to teaching, and with their own field-shaping research. The STUDENTS button links to a page that makes me very proud: a list of my former Ph.D. students, their academic affiliations and their published books.